Shred the Slopes: Asana for Skiers + Snowboards

By Kelsey Frazier

#WinterIsComing, and with it skiing and snowboarding season! Prepare for success and prevent injury this season by cross training with yoga. The slow, controlled movement of yoga asana creates greater awareness and agility in the body and strengthens both the major and supporting muscles involved in charging down the mountain. The following yoga postures will help you optimize your performance without injuring yourself by stretching the hip flexors and knees, strengthening the ankles, and improving balance and coordination. Add these poses to your routine before or after your day on the mountain.


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How to Survive the Holidays Booze Free

By Kelsey Frazier

There really is no “good” time to decide to stop drinking. There will always be some party, special occasion, or delicious bottle of wine waiting to be imbibed. The Holidays can be a particular challenge when deciding to refrain from alcohol, with parties and family functions around every corner. But! Have no fear. If you’ve decided to refrain from alcohol for your own health and wellness you can survive the Holidays. Utilize our Four Tips for Surviving the Holidays Booze Free and it will be as easy as 1-2-3.the-past-has-no-power-over-the-present-moment

Prepare Yourself with a Grounding Yoga Sequence

Nothing beats being prepared. If you’ve decided to be sober this holiday season — whether it be to lose weight, become more clear and grounded in your life, or simply remember that conversation you had with Aunt Susan at the Thanksgiving dinner table — the key to your success will be how prepared you are going into it. Heading to a family function where you know there will be alcohol? Get your head straight with a 20-30 minute yoga sequence before you head over. Try our Flow on the Go sequence for a quick grounding practice to get you feeling confident and strong.

Remind Yourself that Not Drinking is Not Weird

It’s super wonderful that you’ve decided not to drink, but remember — you’re not the only person to decide to give up alcohol. As a matter of fact, approximately 30% of American adults don’t drink at all. This is good news, because it means you’re not alone. Yay! Strength in numbers, right? There are a plethora of reasons for deciding to quit drinking alcohol and whatever yours is, it’s valid. You’re not a freak for deciding to stop drinking alcohol, and those that treat you like you’re a freak “just don’t get it.” Feel like you need proof? Hit them with some of these fun-facts about alcohol provided by our very own Devin Noe.


Feeling on edge about your decision? Ready to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care and grab the nearest glass of wine? Try meditating instead. the-past-has-no-power-over-the-present-moment-1You don’t need a serene studio complete with incense, singing bowls, and a robed guru to meditate. Simply find a quiet space — hell, the bathroom will do if you’re at a party or in a public space — and take a few minutes to quiet your mind. Focus on your breath. With each inhale draw in patience and gratitude for yourself and your perseverance. With each exhale release frustration and doubt. You’ve got this.

When All Else Fails: Bring Supplies

Everyone loves the person that brings their own party favors. One of the easiest ways to avoid the “Would you like something to drink?” question is to already have a drink in your hand. Bring your own alcohol free beverages with you and never have to worry about being empty handed. Some of our favorites include La Croix (bonus points: no salt, no sugar), ginger beer, or cranberry/orange juice (bonus points: looks like you’re drinking a cocktail). Want to really look like one of the crowd? With less than .5% alcohol non-alcoholic beers such as Clausthaler or St. Pauli’s can be good alternatives for those comfortable with imbibing miniscule amounts of alcohol. Mocktails are also a fun alternative for those looking to get more creative.

Let us know how these strategies work for you in the comment section below. Have your own strategies? Share them with us!